It all starts with an approved order by you! We then begin the process with the hands and expertise of Kenneth Maurice. He is very passionate about providing our customers with personalized, quality care. Kenneth chooses not to sacrifice this value for mere practicality. He sees the finished Madonna in his minds' eye and inside the granite niche. Watch as he transforms this rough stock of granite into a life like masterpiece of the Madonna.

Ever Green
Step 1:

I start by chiseling into the granite and outline of what my mind sees.

Step 2:

Carefully, I chisel with a carbide tip chisel and pneumatic hammer a rough outline.

Wanan Green
Light Pink
Step 3:

Now I use diamond blades and many different chisel tips, but still maintaining an image of the Blessed Mother in my minds eye.

Step 4:

Almost there, but not yet! I still need to hand polish the background, so that she appears to be emerging from the granite face headstone

Barre Granite